We inspect negative pressure rooms, in hospitals, school laboratories and other locations that need to confine the air where leakage could be a danger to others.

Got MOLD? We prepare a mold remediation plan and implement it to full OSHA standards in homes and commercial buildings. We then can prepare a plan for a mold prevention process so the same problem does not occur again.

Call our office for a free consultation, the air in the environment is very sensitive and contamination is important to confine and remove. When mold, lead or other dangerous toxins may be an issue, it is important to call a professional to remediate the problem. What you see in your shower is not dangerous and can be cleaned up easily, what you see growing when there was water damage is usually mold which can grow on almost any surface. Those spores can be very dangerous as they go airborne and contaminate the air you breath. If you have mold in a small area you may be able to clean it up yourself carefully, but we still recommend you allow a professional to handle the job. If you are not careful during the remediation process you can make things worse and contaminate other areas, so it is best to have a professional job done the first time. When the clean up is complete we spray with a fogging machine to kill mold and bacteria’s that could have been left behind. Email us with any questions @ APGreenBuilding09@yahoo.com or call us today @ 626-261-8805 or 562-631-0767. If you have a problem you need to take care of it as soon as possible.



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