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Is your home performance not to your liking, high electric and gas bills, odors or drafty areas, AC and heater over-working? All these problems show up on your utility bills that we wish to help you lower and save you money.  With our expert comprehensive home inspection done with a thermal imaging camera and other testing equipment, which we use to analyze every wall, floor and ceiling inside and outside your home to find any potential loss of energy and other hazards in your home. Some dangers we can come across are light fixtures at extemely hot temperatures, HVAC filter missing or in bad condition, electric circuit over-heating, water damage in attic, mold and others toxics in your home. These are just a few of the items we find during our examinations. (See steps we take below)

This process maximizes your homes energy usage by cutting out the waste, after the initial analysis we will assist in making your home more energy efficient. All the leaks must be sealed, windows, doors and air ducts, insulation has to be checked and repaired as needed, all lights should be changed to CFL or LED type, selecting the best for each area. Then the possibility of having to plant a couple of shade trees on the east or west sides of your home, to help your air conditioning unit (HVAC) from working so hard. You will notice the improvement in the air quality and all the modifications add to your homes value and durability, all these renovations have a money back guarantee. The most important is a healthy home for your family, when air is leaking, and blowing in you never know what is coming in with that breeze including the energy that is being lost.

Some repairs or improvements would be sealing any air/energy leaks in the home first then attic insulation repairs, you always want to make repairs from the top down. Also cleaning and sealing ducts, weather stripping windows and doors, energy efficient appliances, repairing or replacing the heating and cooling units and water heater, creating a conditioned space in your attic, changing all lights to CFL or LED, installing solar modules, geothermal and even a small wind turbine on your larger property where allowed.

Serving Los Angeles, Orange County and the Inland Empire



The Steps We Take for Comprehensive Inspection:

— After an introduction and consultation with Client the following inspections are completed.

— Inspect home from outside, check for any water damage, shade location, also infrared inspection for any abnormalities, plus a solar pathfinder analysis to see how well your home will do with solar modules on your roof, yard or hillside.

— Inspect entire home inside using an infrared thermal imaging camera, we check every room in the house looking for any air-leaks, over-heated areas, water damage, and other abnormalities that we may find, you will be surprised what this devise can locate.

— Inspect all electric connections and lighting making sure the most energy efficient bulbs and smart strips are being used throughout the home. Also check appliances for energy consumption, possible replacement of major energy consumers if outdated.

— Inspect stove for carbon monoxide leaks, every home should have detectors, which are not always enough safety for the elderly, children and pregnant women. Most do not go off until it detects 70 ppm, which is already harmful; the stove typically lets out 12 ppm of harmful carbon monoxide when cooking. Your stovetop fan is there for removing carbon monoxide from your home so always turn it on when you are using the stove or oven.

— Inspect for air entering and leaking throughout the home, we will seal your home with a door blower and remove all the air from your home creating a negative pressure, then we check for how much air is being leaked from your home, always great to check progress post repairs. This includes all doors, windows and other areas checked for any loss of energy, because the air entering your home is not always the healthiest.

— Inspect the attic for insufficient insulation, our infrared camera has already indicated potential problem areas, so we have an idea where to look. We will also recommend methods to create a conditioned space in your attic making for a more comfortable living space below and also helps the longevity of your heating and air conditioning unit HVAC if they are in your attic. You must always seal your home first then make sure you have the proper insulation.

— Inspect your heating and air conditioning unit HVAC for any leaks and run a combustion efficiency test to check how much air moves through the system. Repairs are usually not expensive but can save you hundreds, your entire outer section and any permanent sealed areas should be well taped and have air duct sealant applied. If your home does not have a duct system for your return which was common in older homes the duct blaster test is not very accurate and probably not conducted, just visual inspection. Older homes used the basement or wall space as the return with no duct system.

— Inspect water heater for any leaks, or possible hazards, the heater should be fully insulated, including the pipes leading into the home. It should also be replaced every 15 years, especially if yours is working too hard, you can also use a solar thermal heating system on your rooftop to preheat the water before it even enters your water heater.

— Inspect your water bill to see if there are any potential problems with water leaking, if it is something that has been growing for a while but has not broken your ceiling yet we will see it with our infrared camera. We will recommend some great water conservation methods. Some people may want to create a rainwater run-off system because the more rainwater we keep from reaching the ocean the better.



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